Pizza Witch


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Pizza Witch is a 24 page adventure story about a young witch named Roxy and her cat familiar George, who go on an quest together in an attempt to woo a lactose intolerant customer.

Deluxe Edition (2017)

Pizza Witch has been reprinted in a deluxe hardback edition with a fancy cover with gold-embossed text, a relettered version of the original comic, a short bonus pizza witch strip and loads of extra behind the scenes stuff like sketches, character sheets and original thumbnails. It’s an excellent gift for the pizza witch in your life, even if that pizza witch is you.

It was released on March 20th 2017, and you can order it right now at!

You can find it in the following shops as well:

Gosh Comics (London, UK)
Orbital Comics (London, UK)
Page 45 (Nottingham, UK)
Travelling Man (Manchester & Leeds & York & Newcastle, UK)

Original Print Version (2015)

Your Favourite Pizza Witch was first self published in September 2015 as part of a stretch goal on my Our Super Adventure Kickstarter! The first printing of the book is now out of stock.

What people have said about Pizza Witch

Broken Frontier

Graley’s work has an effervescent energy and inclusive worldview that recalls Boom Box! titles like Lumberjanes and Giant Days. As with those titles and all the pop punk songs you loved in high school, there’s also an honest emotional core to Roxy’s adventure that belies the more fantastical elements.


Pizza Witch is as silly and fun as the title suggests.

The Absolute

Colorful, clever, and cute-as-a-button, Pizza Witch is the perfect little detour into a fun and ridiculous world of humor and magic.


Pizza Witch‘s titular pizza witch, Roxy, is exactly my kind of hero. She’s funny, she’s brash, she’s a talented chef, she’s queer, she’s a witch and she’s stylish.